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Salmon Recovery and Dam Removal: Introduction and Links

 There are several federal land and water management agencies currently involved in setting policy to recover 12 ESA listed species of salmon and steelhead fish.  Dam removal is one of the proposals put forward by the Federal Caucus to achieve salmon recovery. 


Army Corps of Engineers developed a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for management of four dams on the Lower Snake River that may assist 4 of the listed species.  Army Corps of Engineers is also worked up a draw down study for the John Day dam.  UPDATE:  George Frampton, the head of the Council on Environmental Quality, reported to Congress that the breaching of the four dams is being removed from consideration while other steps for salmon recovery are affected and further study is completed.  The White House wants to revisit the dam breaching proposal in 5 to 10 years if other steps fail.  There will probably be some lawsuits from the greenies over this one.

The Federal Caucus is comprised of National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bonneville Power Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, and the Forest Service.  The Caucus is working on what they call the "Four-H Paper" which will set public policy for managing Habitat, Hatcheries, Harvest and Hydropower in the Columbia River drainage.

The Forest Service and The BLM are working on the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (ICBMEP). This project will set policy for FS and BLM lands in the entire Columbia drainage including parts of Montana.  

Go to our Salmon Recovery page to learn what MFMU thinks about some aspects of this planning.

For more info from the Federal Caucus:

Call 1-509-358-7415

Write Federal Caucus Comment Record
c/o BPA-PL
707 West Main Street
Suite 500
Spokane, WA 99201

Web site www.bpa.gov/federalcaucus

For Army Corps projects: www.nww.usace.army.mil

For the Forest Service Eco project www.icbemp.gov

For National Marine Fishery Service Salmon Information

For science information
www.nwfsc.noaa.gov/cri www.nwfsc.noaa.gov/pubs/nwfscpubs.html

For multi-species framework?

MFMU critique of the proposals


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