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 The protected species

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Closed and Gated Roads to Lock the Public Out

Our goal is to protect public access to public lands and restore the principles of multiple use and wise use to public land management..

Using the Endangered Species Act, federal agencies have closed forest roads, and violated private property rights.  We advocate the opening of gated public roads so that citizens may have access to their National Forest and other public lands for motorized recreation, hunting, fishing, logging, mining and all other pursuits appropriate to those settings.  

The endangered Species


Big Game Hunter

Trail Rider

Gold Prospector and Miner

"Fishing Boy on his first fishing trip"

Woodsman and Logger

Please help us to prevent these Multiple Use Montanans from becoming exhibits in "Zoo Montana"

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2009 Legislator Scorecard - Our guide to incumbent legislators' 2009 voting records on natural resource issues (updated June 1, 2010)

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Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act   

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